The 1L Negotiation Competition, held each fall, allows first year students the opportunity to explore various negotiation styles, while honing their strategic and communication skills.  In each round of competition, teams of two students go head-to-head to reach a settlement on behalf of their “clients.”  The two winning teams of the intramural competition are coached by a BCLS professor and continue on to represent the school at the annual ABA Regional Negotiation Competition, held at a different law school in October each year.

Competition Format: 

In advance of each round, the teams are provided with a memo outlining the background of the situation, the key facts on their side of the issue, and the negotiating authority granted by their clients.  Teams negotiate with each other for 40 minutes, during which either side may request the opportunity to confer privately for up to five minutes.  There are a series of weekly elimination rounds, culminating in a final round of four teams, two of which go on to the regional competition.

Role of Attorney-Judges: 

Attorney-judges observe two one-hour rounds of competition in an evening, providing feedback to the teams, ranking them on elements of their performances, and ultimately choosing a winning pair to move on to the next round.

Evaluation Criteria:

Teams are evaluated on their ability to elicit useful information from the other side, to overcome obstacles to mutual agreement, to propose creative solutions to the problem, and to work together as a team.

Current Chairs: Franklin Stockdale and Matthew Renick


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