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The four oral advocacy competitions held annually at BCLS are the 1L Negotiation Competition, the 1L Client Counseling Competition, the 2L Grimes Moot Court Competition, and the 3L Mock Trial Competition. The competitions are sponsored by the American Bar Association and have become a central activity in the experience of many BCLS students.

The BSA relies upon and welcomes the participation of dozens of New England area attorneys who volunteer to judge the rounds of competition. The efforts and enthusiasm of these attorneys are immensely appreciated by the BSA and the entire law school community. Many participating attorneys have commented on what a rewarding experience it is to contribute to the learning opportunities of those about to enter the legal profession. The competitions are dependent upon this support and new volunteers are always more than welcome. If you are currently a member of the bar and would like to volunteer an evening or two throughout the course of the year to judge a competition, please e-mail us here.

2013-2014 Members

Chair: Allie Mitropoulos, mitropou@bc.edu

Technology Consultant: Theodore Tibbitts, tibbittt@bc.edu

Negotiation Competition Chairs: Franklin Stockdale and Matthew Renick

Mock Trial Competition Chairs:  Sajid Shariar and Jennie Davis

Client Counseling Competition Chairs: Janelle Peiczarka and John Lydon

Grimes Moot Court Competition Chairs:  John Joy and Angela Jaimes

Section Representatives:

Erika Manderscheid, manderse@bc.edu

Hannah Marie Farhan, farhan@bc.edu

Jennie Davis, jennie.davis08@gmail.com

John Joy, johnjoy08@gmail.com

John Kalogriopoulos, kalogrio@bc.edu

Matthew Donohue, donohumm@bc.edu

Michael Jones, jonesfz@bc.edu

Sajid Shahriar, sajid.shahriar@bc.edu

Angela Jaimes, angela.jaimes@bc.edu

Anthony Masero, masero@bc.edu

Bill Lundin, lundin.bill@yahoo.com

Brendan OBryan, brendan.obryan@bc.edu

Brett Jackson, brett.jackson@bc.edu

Craig Shepard, cmshep121@gmail.com

Kate Bardsley, bardslek@bc.edu

Matthew Geduldig, geduldig@bc.edu

TJ Bright, brightt@bc.edu

Tony Dragga, adragga@gmail.com

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